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Petite Verdot

About Our Grapes

This classic grape is planted exclusively on Colton's Vineyard. Secluded from the other grapes planted on our estate, the Petit Verdot enjoys the company of the winemaker and caretakers of the vineyard. With the occasional annoyance from local ground squirrels and cottontails; this stubborn vine continues to thrive from early spring through late fall.

On its own or blended with another, our Petit Verdot is truly one of kind. Ask about our private tastings to really taste what this sensitive grape has to offer.

Since 2013, our Paisley blended wine is always a Fan Favorite! Produced by using only the highest of quality grapes and handcrafted by our Family, this wine is sure to please your taste buds!

To create our Paisley each year our family gathers to taste several blends of our wines. Through this rigorous process only the Perfect blend will receive the Honor of obtaining our Paisley Label.

The top matador of our estate grapes varietals; our Tempranillo is grown exclusively on Tiffany's Vineyard. These berries are the biggest and juiciest of all. This vineyard was previously used for horse boarding and grazing which has provided the nutrients necessary to deliver the biggest, most nutrient filled grape to make exceptional wines.

Our Rose of Tempranillo is beautifully crafted to be the lightest summer wine of the year. Not only refreshing while sitting on the patio on a hot summer day, this Rose is also elegant enough to be the center of any late night toast!

You cant leave without trying our unique Late Harvest Tempranillo. Ready to pack a punch; this wine is both bold and sweet! A must try for everyone!


Our top producer is the Cabernet Sauvignon. Planted exclusively on Isaac's Vineyard and partially on Tiffany's Vineyard. Our Cab is our most flavorful and bold wine. When tasting don't expect a weak wine; this grape is ready to fill your palette with bountiful flavors and your nose with delicate aromas.

Our Rose of Cabernet Sauvignon has the perfect blend of fruitful berry colors and a sweet-sweet taste. This wine is bound to bring new friends and new experiences every time a bottle is open.